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    Introduction to Bitcoin, Cryptos and the Blockchain Seminar.
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

    Join us for our most popular seminar, the introduction to Bitcoin, Cryptos and the Blockchain.  This seminar is intended for curious or investors with...

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    Kevin Wippermann
    November 23, 2022

    Bitcoin yearly returns since 2010

    Jack Craine
    November 3, 2022

    Stealers Keepers Losers Weepers

    Kevin Wippermann
    October 4, 2022

    How Bitcoin works explained in 5min Video

    What people said

    Feedbacks from people that have completed a Crypto College Course or Seminar.


    Peter Havalange


    I participated to the “Introduction to Bitcoin Crypto” online seminar given by Kevin from Crypto College in March 2022. I had little to no understanding about cryptocurrencies and was very happy to find a seminar that started from zero to allow me understand the fundamentals. Kevin really took the time to answer as many questions as possible (there were a lot) and I came out of the seminar wanting the learn more.


    Manuel Picout

    New Crypto Investor

    For a while now I wanted to invest in crypto but I was always scared to be scammed or to buy the wrong cryptos (being not very tech savvy).  I did three private coaching sessions with Kevin end 2021 and he helped me understand what were the main risks and open the right accounts so that I could buy my first cryptos!


    Karl van Kortenberg


    Being a member of a group of CFO in Dubai I was asked by the group to find someone to introduce Bitcoin and Cryptos to the group. So I contacted Crypto College (Called Crypto Coach at the time) to Organize a 2h seminar. We had a fantastic session with Kevin that we eventually had to stop because there was so many questions from the audience.  I can only but recommend the introduction seminar of Crypto College.


    Elsie De Mulder

    Femme d'Europe

    I asked Kevin to prepare a bespoke seminar to introduce Crypto for an NGO called Femme d’Europe in the beginning of 2022.  The mandate was to make it as simple as possible as the participants were not comfortable with the technical side of Cryptos but were eager to learn more. The seminar when very well and a couple of our members bought Cryptos with the help of Crypto College in the weeks that followed.



    Tom Mulbauer


    I contacted Crypto College because I didn’t know where to start with Bitcoin. Jack give me a really private coaching session and showed me how to safely buy my first Bitcoin. Particular point of focus for me was to understand the difference between using a wallet (self custody) and an exchange. Thanks Jack.