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Launched in 2022, it's just the beginning of an educational and learning adventure all about Crypto and Blockchain!

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We believe real Crypto adoption
comes through education.

WHO WE ARE - Jack Craine

Jack is a founder of a successful training business based in the UAE since 2008. Since 2020 he has been dedicating his energy into learning about Crypto currencies and the blockchain and how this emerging technology is going to impact on the 4th industrial revolution. 

He is now successfully invested in multiple projects and a member of a number of key communities that are dedicated to advancing the knowledge and understanding of the Crypto market and how to participate in it.

In 2022 he co-founded with Kevin.


WHO WE ARE - Kevin Wippermann

Kevin is an experienced CIO/IT Director who has been an investor since May 2017 in the crypto currency asset class. Kevin Co-Wrote a White Paper on blockchain based Digital Inheritance in the Crypto Space and Co-Developed an ERC20 based MVP to prevent loss of crypto assets following life events.

His relevant work experience to date includes launching a Start Up in the Crypto Valley (Zug) with major financial institutions as an investor and partnering with the FINMA (Regulator).

He has Coached and introduced top executive of Swiss Hedge Funds and Exchanges to the Crypto Space since he founded his first Crypto training and education business (Now


Our vision is to share knowledge, information and insight to help you build a greater understanding and awareness of Crypto Currency and the benefits that potentially exist within the entire Blockchain eco system.

We accomplish this through 3 simple principles:

1. Providing learners with a community and way to learn that most suits them.

2. Simplifying the often complex subject matter into easy to understand language that we can all relate (see our different learning streams).

3. Finally most importantly, providing a totally unbiased view of things to help provide insight without influence.

We also constantly look for Crypto or Blockchain SMEs (Subject Mater Experts) who, just like us, want to share their experience. 

If you have any questions please contact us at or via social medias @CryptoCollege33.

We look forward to hearing from you. 


Welcome to the Premium one to one coaching pathway for your Crypto. To join, simply select, the module you would like to secure your personal coach session, then choose your preferred coach from the coach list below and then simply schedule your session using the calendar option. Finally select confirm and pay and your on-line session will be booked. 

Welcome to our self directed video learning pathway. All of our modules have been converted into a series of 30-minute video sessions. To access these videos and also benefit from additional webinars and weekly VIP AMA sessions simply register to join the VIP Video learners club where you can get access to all of our members content and learn at your own pace 

Welcome to our in house Learning Journey. This pathway would suit you if you like to challenge your-self whilst you learn and have a coach support you as you go. To sign up for this pathway click the link below to register and you can start immediately. Once registered, you will be able to learn at your own pace and complete tasks and assignments that have been preset to challenge your understanding of the subject matter. 

Cryptocurrencies and DeFi have the potential
to completely disrupt the financial landscape!

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